Tag: Caching

  • Static Asset Caching Using Apache on Heroku

    There’s been many articles written about how to properly implement static asset caching over the years and the best practices boil down three things. Make sure the server is sending RFC compliant caching headers. Send long expires headers for static assets. Use version numbers in asset paths so that we can precisely control expiration.

  • 20 Million Hits a Day With WordPress For Free

    As the price of cloud computing continues to tumble we can do what was previously unthinkable. It wasn’t long ago that getting WordPress to scale to 10 million hits a day for $15 a month was front page hacker news material; but we can do even better.

  • Caching in the Clouds

    When it comes to running content management systems there are always more reads then writes (hopefully) so caching becomes of utmost importance for a successful WordPress install. With a product as mature as WordPress there are tons of options out there, from APC object caching to static HTML file generation to caching with CDN distribution management.